Monday, July 28, 2008

Hittin' it

Would you hit it?
Looks like a lot of people have been hittin' it recently. 100 of them to be exact.

Oh yeah!!! Being famous is awesome! 100 hits! Only 4,157 more before I break Pete Rose's record!

With hilarious and informative posts like this one, this blog is guaranteed to hit 1 million by August or so.

To celebrate this huge milestone, I'm going to provide you with some guaranteed psyche-outs for the four most popular sports in America that are guaranteed to throw your opponent off his game, without being in bad taste or offending anyone:

Wiffle ball: "It was called 'hittle ball' before you started playing!"
Badminton: "It was just called 'minton' before you started playing!"
Biathlon: "It was just called an 'athlon' before you started playing! I mean come on, dude, I know you swing both ways. Admit it already."
Midget wheelchair basketball: "It was just called 'basketball' before you gimpy little f***ers started playing!"


Weasel said...

Don't worry. My first 100 hits were my own- checking to see if I got any hints.

It was a cruel cycle.

Weasel said...

I mean "hits", not "hints".

Damn I'm stupid.

Oh, yeah, and my readers harassed me to death about the "word verification" thing on the comments- you might want to turn it off.

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