Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Movie review: "Bei-Robut"

Bei-Robut (2006), starring Bei-Robut as himself. Supporting actors are Jonathan Frank, Nick Damiano, Brian Tran, and Random Korean Guy.
Awards: Best Picture, Best Screenplay, Best Actor (Bei-Robut), Best Nerd (Tran), Best Portrayal of a Beirut or Beer Pong Game, Best Robot with a Boston Accent (Bei-Robut), Best Supporting Supporting Actor (Random Korean Guy), all in 2006.

4 stars

Wow. It is rare that you see a movie that makes you laugh and cry at the same time and blows you away with incredible cinematography and special effects. Such movies come along only once in a decade it seems, and for the 2000's (2001-2010), this is most certainly the one.

The movie starts by exploring a common but rarely acknowledged stereotype in society: the inability of robots to play beirut/beer pong. It then proceeds to brilliantly develop several complex characters: the Obnoxious Dudes (Damiano and Frank), Poindexter (Tran), and Bei-Robut (himself), a robot out to fight the stereotypes that plague the world around him and teach the doubters a valuable lesson.

Poindexter (Tran) celebrates with Bei-Robut:

Brian Tran and Bei-Robut
The cinematography is mind-blowing, especially considering the movie was filmed using a 2 megapixel Canon PowerShot S300 manufactured in the year 2000 that was purchased by the filming crew for $20. The stunning special effects make it impossible to tell when the shooters actually make the shots and when state-of-the-art TV tricks are at play.

In the movie, the robot and nerd duo, in an extremely unpredictable plot twist, goes on to defeat its opponents, and the heartwarming final scene shows the villains exiting in shame while the heroes celebrate a well-deserved victory. Clever social commentary abounds as the movie explores major timely issues such as the negative stereotyping of robots' performance in drinking games and the heated debate on whether nerds should just stop it with that annoying nasal voice and stupid Warcraft obsession and just stop, like, being so weird and stuff.

The soundtrack, consisting of the song "Mr. Roboto" by Styx, goes so well with the movie that it appears as if the song was designed just for this film, much like Pink Floyd's "Dark Side of the Moon" album and "The Wizard of Oz," except about ten times better. This particular feature brought many audience members to tears when I saw this in the theaters, as they realized they would most likely never witness something so perfect and beautiful again (well maybe, if more words were ever added to the buffalo phenomenon). It also makes this movie ideal for watching on weed.

On top of all this, Bei-Robut, who is actually from Georgia and speaks in a heavy southern drawl, shows off his versatile voice talents by executing flawless a New England accent that would put Ted Kennedy to shame.

Obnoxious Dudes (Damiano and Frank) disappointed by poor shooting. Random Korean Guy (himself) can't bear to watch the slaughter and seeks comfort in his computer:

Nick Damiano and Jonathan Frank
Do not bother watching another movie for the next ten years. This masterpiece will make all other movies out there look like "From Justin to Kelly" in comparison.

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