Thursday, August 7, 2008

The Beach Boys weigh in

Bad news for people who can't live without this award-winning, inspirational, Pulitzer-worthy blog: I'm going to the beach for awhile, so I won't be posting anything until Wednesday (sound of people fainting). Calm down, it's ok, you'll survive - I think. In the meantime, try reading this blog, or maybe this one, to hold you over.

Before I go though, let me leave you with a little tune I used to relax and listen to while lounging on the shores of Lake Erie, enjoying some wings at the Anchor Bar, or barreling over Niagara Falls. It was inspired by an old Beach Boys song.

Niagara Falls barrel
(begin island rhythm)

Northwest of NYC
There's a place called Buffalo
That's where you wanna go
To see some buffalo

Buffalo sauce in your hand
Buffalo roam across the land
You can watch all the buffalo
Buffalo Buffalo buffalo
Way up in Buffalo

Rochester, Syracuse
Don't make any excuse
If you're in Erie or Cleveland
It's time to be leavin'
Albany or Scranton...
Ooo I want to take you up to Buffalo
We'll find some buffalo to buffalo
Then cover all of them in buffalo
And watch them buffalo

Right across the "eau"
There's a place called Toronto
Full of Freedom Canadians
That's not where you wanna go
Just stay in Buffalo


Eat some buffalo wings
Watch buffalo buffalo all kinds of things
See "buffalo" in all its meanings
Enjoy whatever it brings
Way up in Buffalo

(To tune of chorus)
Buffalo buffalo bu-u-u-u-ffalo
Buffalo buffalo bu-u-u-u-ffalo
Buffalo buffalo bu-u-u-u-ffalo
Buffalo buffalo...
Ooo I want to take you up to Buffalo
We'll find some buffalo to buffalo...
(fade out)

Brian Wilson - Beach Boys Brian Wilson - Giants
I'd like to thank Brian Wilson for that little chestnut, who if you don't know was a member of the Beach Boys and later went on to become a pitcher for the San Francisco Giants. Speaking of which...more pop culture stars in baseball!?! Come on!

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