Sunday, August 17, 2008

The big move

Buffalo skyline
Quick update on the status of this blog: I am now officially relocating my home office to Buffalo, New York. This does not mean that I am going to be living in Buffalo (still in the Bay Area), ever traveling to Buffalo (fat chance), or becoming a Buffalo Bills fan (Steelers, baby!). But before you throw your hands up in protest and call me a carpetbagging son of a bitch, please consider the following:

Hillary Clinton-Hillary Clinton claims to be from New York and Arkansas and Illinois and pretty much every other state. I'm a hell of a lot more than a New Yorker than she is.

-Sleazy companies often establish themselves in the Cayman Islands or Delaware to avoid paying taxes and such. However, these companies generally have no physical location, other than maybe a P.O. Box, in these places. Believe me, I used to work for one such company, which was actually less of a "company" and more of a "$1.75 billion Ponzi scheme." I did not get the opportunity to go to our "headquarters" in the Cayman Islands (or even Delaware for that matter), but I did get the great pleasure of slaving over spreadsheets until midnight in the New York City office on many occasions.

-Buffalo doesn't really exist. There may be a Buffalo in the real world, but this is not the real world. It's a simulation. They could have just as easily called California "Buffalo." So what is Buffalo really? It's an abstract construct of some huge supercomputer, represented in zillions of 0's and 1's. Is anyone really "from Buffalo?" Are we all in some way "from Buffalo?" The world may never know.

Even though I am not really "from" what you would call "Buffalo," I bleed Buffalo brown and feel like more of a "Buffalonian" than most buffalo do (although maybe not more than most buffalo Buffalo buffalo).

So without further ado, I now declare: this blog is officially moving to Buffalo! Except not really.

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