Monday, August 18, 2008

The rivalry

Almost every great person or institution in history has had a rival.

Take the following examples: Ali and Frazier

Rivals keep us going and aspire us to be all we can be (sort of like the army in this regard).

Due to the overwhelming success and popularity of this blog, a rival has arisen to challenge the greatness that is "Buffalo This." That rival is "Bison That." This guy is apparently offended by the disrespect I have shown toward bison.

Bison That logo
Apparently he's another celebrity who cares a lot about buffalo, and his name is "Jon." I suspect it may be Jon Stewart. If it is, I have this to say: Stewart, you rascal! Up to your old tricks again, I see? You can't buffalo me with that weak attempt. Go back to your "Daily Show" or whatever that's called. News flash, buddy: nobody watches it! Good luck trying to make it big with that - you'll need it!

Anyway, time will tell whether "Bison That" can prove itself to be a formidable competitor to "Buffalo This." My guess is I'm about to go Ali on his weak Frazier ass.

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